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Cyber Security

A strong Cyber Security awareness is crucial in modern businesses. Insecure networks can lead to data breaches, malware and puts you at greater risk. The Monitor engineering team always put cyber security first. We build security measures into every level of our customer’s networks. We offer Bitdefender AV, Teramind Network Monitoring, Secure Network Design and have an industry leading multi-year Backup Plan encrypted and stored on a secure site.

Monitor’s solutions protect your network from existing and future threats and challenges.

Security Audits

Do not leave your network’s safety to chance; A Monitor Security Audit will assess your existing network’s defences.

Vulnerability Prevention

We can build Virtual Private Networks (VPN), modern encryption infrastructure, offer software solutions and can block potentially dangerous physical media.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Monitor’s security solutions provide our customers with 24/7 protection against existing and quickly evolving threats.


Security Solutions & Services

We can set up internal or remote security solutions protecting your computers from tampering, security attacks and malware. Our software solutions can block potentially dangerous media such as USB sticks and CD’s, block dangerous websites and prevent tampering with the PC’s file system. Our solutions quietly protect your infrastructure 24/7 from cyber threats, so you can focus on what matters most.

Monitor Cybersecurity Framework

We provide 24/7 security solutions for business, education and home users. We offer complete solutions which help eliminate threats, protect privacy and data, and enable cyber resilience.


IT Health Checks

If you suspect that your computer or network is infected with a virus or is running slowly it may be time for an IT Health Check. We will perform  thorough virus scans and will check your computer network for other problems that may be affecting performance. We can also install remote monitoring solutions so we can ensure the health of your network, either reporting remotely or internally.  

Bitdefender AV Integration

We offer Industry leading Bitdefender AV which is the perfect software to protect even the biggest networks. Our solutions quietly protect your infrastructure around the clock from cyber threats and malware. We can set up internal or remote security solutions protecting your computers from tampering, security attacks and viruses. Our software solutions can, if desired block potentially dangerous media such as USB sticks and prevent tampering with the PC’s file system.

Multi-Year Encrypted Backup

Losing mission critical files can put you back days or even weeks. Monitor offers a secure, encrypted two-year backup service where your data will be protected at our secure site. In the unlikely event your system fails, or your primary site is inoperable you can rest easy knowing your critical backup data is safely stored offsite and is accessible to you.

Teramind Computer Monitoring System

We offer a Monitor and Control solution which allows access to everything happening across your organisation. Teramind can monitor computer terminals and will keep meticulous records for data loss prevention and productivity. The software lets you monitor social media and website use, can detect threats and has customisable alerts. Cloud and onsite services are available.

Our Approach

Secure Cloud based VoIP systems

Do you want to enable staff to turn your mobile phones, computers and devices into work phones – with timed redirects? Our VoIP solutions allow staff to join Microsoft Teams meetings from almost any location. Our solutions are secure and perfect for remote business. VoIP solutions often lower the cost of calls whilst increasing call quality.

We offer a range of cloud based VoIP solutions including our desktop app, smartphone app and VoIP desk phones. Manage UK and international phone numbers and take control over who can call you, and when with call forwarding. Improve phone security and your work-life balance. Call us today to learn more.

Equipment Warranties

It is important to protect against financial losses as well as digital threats. Our warranty services are a great way to protect your business from unexpected costs down the line, putting you in control and making your budgetary forecasts more accurate. We offer equipment warranties on Secure Switches, ASA’s, Servers, Security Hardware and more. Make sure you are protected from every angle. Our affordable plans can make sure you are covered and protected from uncertainty. 

As a highly agile company Monitor has the flexibility to design the perfect security system for our customers. Talk to us today to learn more about what we can offer.

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