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6 Ways to Become More Productive

There are many ways to become more productive. In this post, we explore 6 tested methods to limit your listlessness.

  1. Stick to your schedule. Treat every day like walking into the office. Set the alarm at the same time every day, and then follow your usual schedule. Eat breakfast, make coffee, take a shower, get dressed, and do whatever you routinely do in the morning. This will put you in the headspace where you will be working because you are.

  1. Designate office space. Although it is tempting to work on the bed or sofa, these positions set your mind up to relax. The working space should be a table or a table with comfortable chairs. The ideal home office has a door. Doors are important, especially if you work from home with your spouse, family or roommates. The closed-door is a signal that you don’t want to be disturbed. Other options that can enhance your workspace and productivity include optimal lighting, windows, candles, or soft music playing in the background.

Make sure your space is clean and undisturbed as much as possible.


  1. Rest. In your regular office, you will take a break at lunchtime, and may take a break of 5 to 10 minutes, whether you are out, chatting in the kitchen or visiting other colleagues. In any case, the traditional office is suitable for more activities and socializing, and when you are the only person in the home office, it is easy to limit yourself to your desk. So get up, walk around the house, walk the dog, eat some snacks, do 10 minutes of exercise, and don’t eat lunch in front of the computer.

Lunch breaks and short breaks throughout the day will ensure that your brain is not overloaded.

  1. Limit interference. Although rest is necessary, too much distraction can destroy your productivity. In an office environment, you are unlikely to scroll on your phone or browse websites that are not related to your work because there are others around you who can witness your actions. In the home office, this is not the case.

Working from home can also cause other disturbances. In your home, it is easy to want to wash clothes, clean the house, play with pets, and engage in more activities. Resist the urge. These activities can wait until you are off work.


  1. Plan ahead. It would be helpful to plan your day the night before. Decide which tasks are the most important and assign them to yourself at the beginning of the day so you can be sure to complete them. When your energy starts to run out, save more mundane and less urgent tasks until the afternoon. If you work in an industry that deals with customers, make sure to put these virtual meetings and calls first. When making a schedule, be sure to specify a break time.

If they are on your calendar, you are unlikely to forget them. Write these plans on paper, on a calendar, or through your favourite apps.

  1. Keep in touch and communicate. Let’s face it, working from home may feel lonely. The best way to avoid this feeling of loneliness is to communicate with your colleagues and customers. Chat via Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any method you like at a specified time. If your company is not used to working remotely or this is the first time doing so, then staying connected is essential.

Monitor can offer solutions that help your staff work from anywhere, such as our softphone app which can turn your mobile phone into your works phone.

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