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How adopting VoIP can help your business

With a standard phone system, you have to lease the lines from a phone company and install a wired telephone system in your office. With VoIP, you can use the Internet to make and receive calls which have some huge advantages. It is easy to use and can help you save money on your phone system.

Superior quality services

Before, making a phone call meant relying on a phone operator or using a public telephone. With VoIP, you can say goodbye to all that. You can now make calls and communicate with colleagues and customers using your VoIP phone system which offers superior call quality over traditional phones. Setting up conference calls and video calls has never been easier.

Call Redirects

VoIP enables your organisation to set up call redirects when your busy or not working keeping your professional and private life separate. Set up a system that works for you.


Improved safety

With VoIP, you can easily create extensions for everyone in your company, so colleagues never need to give out their personal number. Our solution enables you to use your own phone, with the help of the app or PC, as a works phone, whilst keeping your personal number safely in your hands.

Microsoft Teams

Monitors softphone solution has Microsoft Teams integration meaning you can connect to your works meeting from almost any device.



It is possible to change the location of where you are calling from. If you want to appear to be in another country that’s a feature Monitor can offer.


PC use

Use VoIP on your PC! This saves desk space and can enable the use of other PC applications whilst you talk through the internet.

Softphone app

Turn almost any device into your works phone.


Answer phone and services

VoIP is a cloud-based system allowing the use of enhanced services such as answer phones as well as a larger number of system settings keeping you in control. You can change the way your voicemail works and set up different extensions.


Traditional phone systems are designed in a way that if you change your phone number, the new one will replace the old one. It can be expensive and time-consuming to change all your phone numbers to the new one. With VoIP, you can easily change your phone numbers on your VoIP phone system.

Cost Savings

VoIP phone systems are not only great for making and receiving calls, but they can also help you save money. Talk to Monitor today to learn more.


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