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The Advantages of Managed Services

It is no surprise that many companies today rely on their IT system more than ever before. Many companies have started offering more goods and services online, whilst many others rely on online payments and advertising. It can seem like a good idea to hire full time IT staff, and for some organisations, this makes economic sense.

However, many SME’s, schools and colleges can’t always justify the costs of full-time staff and may instead look to managed services and IT support services as and when they have a requirement. This can make a lot of sense from a financial and managerial standpoint.

Monitor, for example, have engineers with expertise in a wide range of areas. if you are looking for friendly IT support, to upgrade a system or for remote monitoring services to keep your IT protected, managed services make sense.

Many non-profits and SME’s are always looking to find the most cost-effective solutions. Monitor enables our customers to utilise greater budget control and reduced staffing expenses. Monitor is independent so we can always suggest the right solution in any situation to meet your budget.

Hiring permanent tech staff can be a great solution for some organisations, whilst others prefer a more agile approach. A smaller IT cost footprint unlocks more of the budget for other activities and larger upgrades down the line.

Remote IT monitoring is the future

With the continuous advancement of technology, it is often possible to get the same readouts remotely as on the premises. By looking at a number of factors it’s possible to predict when equipment may be due a check or an upgrade which can be scheduled with Monitor.

It’s predicted that SME’s could reduce their IT costs by 25% by switching to a managed service provider. Monitor also offer project management, procurement and installation which can save you and your admin team a great deal of work.

Monitor also offer repair services that can help you save significant amounts of money instead of replacing the hardware outright, and as a bonus, the carbon footprint is far lower to replace one component rather than replacing the whole terminal.

Hybrid approach

For many larger organisations having permanent IT staff and specialists at Monitor on call is the perfect solution. Monitor can work as an extended part of the team and can handle larger projects. We can provide IT staff with cutting edge security and monitoring solutions. We can monitor systems and feed that information back to staff and always get critical information to where it needs to go.

We have a pedigree in IT, security and CCTV installation and offer our customers our years of expertise and experience dealing with a wide range of situations.

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