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Update Your Software — Protect Your Business

It is important to update your software to protect your business. In this post we look at a modern solution.

Decades ago, it was possible, though not advisable, to get by with older software that was not updated often. Many companies saw continuous upgrades as being a bit of a pain. We now know that older software that isnโ€™t updated can increase the odds of your system getting infected with malware or not being compatible with newer formats and standards.

Older software can be a point of attack for hackers who know the vulnerabilities in software that have not been patched or updated. With so much of the modern world depending on IT systems nobody can afford to take a chance because the risks are too great. Is there a simple solution to staying up to date we’re overlooking?

The solution to updating?

So, the question is, could there be a solution to upgrading? The answer is quickly becoming yes. With network and internet speeds increasing and the cost of bandwidth and online storage going down we have seen the rise of online software such as Microsoft 365 and Google Services as well as image editing software like Canva.

These online environments are updated automatically so you will never have to experiance downtime due to software updates again. Online cloud storage and backup solutions also reduce the need for an onsite Nas (Network-attached storage) solution, though some may be desirable in some situations. Cloud-based services and virtual environments offer great benefits with very few, if any costs. These environments often feature version control so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility again.

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